~~~The road to recovery begins at the Energy within~~~ 

Vis medicatrix naturae
...the healing power of nature


1996 while working on a  film as Art Dept. Coordinator, Susan had been in a car crash. She totaled her car  and injured her right ankle. After the usual doctors, physical  therapies, acupuncture, chiropractors and massages, she was introduced  to CranioSacral Therapy. It was during these sessions that she believes  attributed to her walking without any noticeable limp.

Having been in the film world since 1990, Susan made a career change she does not regret. Bodywork and massage  intrigued her to a degree that she pursued training from The Learning  Center for Massage  (TLC) in Fresno, California. During these classes,  CranioSacral Therapy (CST) and Bowenwork, among other modalities, were  discussed. Remembering the value of CST she pursued studies through  the Upledger Institute. With each client, she learned and applied techniques that were fascinating and achieved remarkable results.

The first set of Bowenwork classes was taken in Auburn California 2003 through Bowen International  and Bowen Healing Center.  Susan achieved a  practitioners status. Then having heard of the original Bowenwork  technique from Bowtech of Australia  and  founders Ossie and Elaine Rentsch, she enrolled into those classes  completing all 7 modules and the practitioners course, then continuing through the advanced classes becoming  internationally certified as a Bowenwork Therapist.  Susan is an Associate Instructor for the Bowenwork in Your Hands a class for people interested in learning basic Bowenwork procedures for family or friends, and most recently completing ‘bootcamp’ for Instructor’s training in the full 7 Modules for anyone wanting to become a Bowenwork Practitioner.

Susan is not, nor does she consider herself as a 'healer' more over she  assists the body to heal itself. Living as a strong advocate that the  body wants to be well. It does not function in disharmony, and once  given the tools to remember wellness, the body will respond to the very  best of its ability to begin the healing process.

Learning is something Susan continues to do. Taking classes, keeping her interests peaked and listening, provides you with a confidence that  Susan takes her life's work very seriously. For ten years Susan worked with Hospice of Tualre County supporting end-of-life patients. And volunteering in 2009 at Happy Trails Riding Academy assisting special needs children in their quest to ride horses. She’s a member of the Visalia Birth Network, and filling that long time ago itch in theatre she frequently does costumes and set painting for  Visalia Players.

In 2010 Susan’s work extended to the equine world.  She’s been doing these amazing techniques to address both physical and emotional needs of the horse and rider alike. Since 2004 she has been operating her practice Energy  Speaks   in Visalia, CA. and 2002 in Lemoore, CA.




Size does not matter these mini’s are fabulous and so darn cute!


Rego is one enormous boy


Volunteer work at Happy Trails Riding Academy is always a wonderful experience and a joy.

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