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Babies and Bowenwork

The normal development of a fetus includes the growth of little bits of tissue called frenums (also known as frenulums) much like the web of the tissue between fingers, attaching the tongue to the floor of the lower jaw. And with the lip reaching from the underside of the upper lip to the top of the gum.   We are all born with some of this tissue, but for some babies it is so tight that they cannot move their tongues and lips properly. The resolution is a revision done either by lazer or clipping the tissue.Tongue ties tend to run in families and babies who have lip ties almost always have tongue ties.

Performing Bowenwork and releasing tightness around the jaw, neck, head, upper back, tongue and lips (pre and post revision) has witnessed a noticeable improvement by the nursing Mom during what had been uncomfortable feeding times and baby’s difficulty in the latching procedure. The result can be seen immediately, or in only a couple of visits.  Babies will come in for one thing and because Bowenwork balances the whole body I remain ever amazed that I often hear a parent say:

-- Wow she used to hate tummy time
-- He used to  turn his head only to the left
-- She would refuse to nurse on the right
-- She actually is sticking her tongue out!

Colic can also be a very uncomfortable situation for the whole family when babies are upset. Studies have demonstrated relief within a couple of sessions by a few simple 'Bowen moves' has helped in releasing tension and calming the Colic infant.

The very natural process of child birth can be physically challenging for the body's own restorative processes and Bowenwork can aid in Mom and baby's recovery and imbalances. This technique is highly effective and non-invasive and in so doing becomes ideal when working with infants.

Bowenwork does not stop at infancy. Moms continue to bring in the child for all sorts of situations like sleeplessness, bumps, bruises even TMJ therapy prior to braces, anything in life that gets in the way of a childs growing up balanced in our unbalanced world.


Another Mom, Gina writes:
Thank you so much for helping my baby girl with her recovery from the tongue and lip tie procedure. It was like magic watching her latch change before my eyes as you gently applied the Bowen method to her. I remember tears streaming down my cheek because I was so relieved and happy that my little girl didn't have to struggle anymore when I nursed her. It was life changing and I am so grateful to know you. My daughter felt so comfortable with you as her little eyes lit up when you smiled at her. It was a peaceful and healing experience I'll never forget. Thank you again.

Pearl’s first visit at 18 months for tongue tie issues. This is a video of her using her lips, tongue and jaw right after her session.  She’s enjoying her new reaching tongue and lips.This was something she had never done before!

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