~~~The road to recovery begins at the Energy within~~~ 

Tom Bowen

Thomas Ambrose Bowen


Thomas Ambrose Bowen developed this Technique, in Australia in the 1950's.  He was a quiet gentle man who spoke of his skill as a  'gift from God'.  Most of Bowen's patients experienced relief of their complaint(s) in one or two sessions.  Many also reported relief of  symptoms for which they had not sought treatment.  This is a common  phenomenon in the clinics of Bowen practitioners today. 

According to evidence that he gave to "Osteopathy, Chiropractic and  Naturopathy Committee Enquiry" stating that the only study he had  undertaken was from books, the rest was self-taught.  In the same 1973  interview, Bowen reported seeing 13,000 people a year and have a success rate of better than 88%.

At Tom Bowen's request publishing of his work was not allowed until his  passing.  When he died in 1982 one of his six protégés, Oswald Rentsch, a physical therapist began teaching the technique and opened the only  Bowen School in the world.  Bowtech of Australia has produced Bowen Therapists throughout the world and Ossie, with the help of his wife Elaine, helped establish the first American school in  Auburn, CA., and began teaching this technique to Americans.  Today the  technique has not changed, and the results of Bowenwork continues to be  astounding.

The Bowen Technique is a gentle form of bodywork in which subtle moves  using the thumb and forefingers are performed over muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and connective tissue sending impulse messages deep into the  body, retrieving cellular memory of a preferred, relaxed, balanced way  of well being, while bringing oxygen and vital nutrients to circulate  throughout the body.  Even at the first visit results can be remarkable, often correcting the problem with only a few sessions.

There are frequent essential pauses throughout a session that allows the body time to respond and begin the healing process.  Unlike many other  hands-on therapies, the Bowen Technique does not use forceful  manipulation.  These gentle, yet powerful moves send neurological  impulses to the brain, resulting in immediate responses of muscle  relaxation and pain reduction.  While many experience immediate pain  relief, improvement is just as likely to unfold over the next few days  to a week.

Bowenwork can be performed over the clothes or directly on the skin in a short 10-minute session for targeting a specific area, or a one-hour  whole body session.  It is safe to use on anyone, from newborns to the  elderly and infirm, and for conditions ranging from sports injuries to  organic complaints.  This innovative and gentle technique frequently can give substantial relief after the first session.  Bowenwork addresses  issues of back pain, migraines, carpel tunnel, frozen shoulder, sports  injuries, bunions, respiratory problems, headache, TMJ, and tinnitus to  name a few.

In Kings County, California there is one such therapist and Associate Instructor.  Susan J.  Tveit, internationally certified,  trained in California at "Bowen  Therapy International","Bowen Healing Center" and of course the original "Bowtech of Australia" created by Ossie and Elaine Rentch.

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