~~~The road to recovery begins at the Energy within~~~ 

"This is a testimony of how amazing the 'Bowen' method has been for me;

My name Is Carol Ann and I came from a dear friend's referral.  I first  started with the Cranial Sacral method which prepared my body for the  'Bowen'.  It 'calmed' my body down and prepared me mentally to accept  this type of 'massage'.  My initial reason for the visit was carpal  tunnel syndrome - extreme pain but would try a massage technique to  avoid surgery -"I wanted this to work'.  My body responded immediately - accepting the re-arranging of 'contorted' tendons and nerves.

My thoughts on Bowen are amazing - I do not have the pain, no tingling - no numbness.  My posture is so much better and I am not giving in to  pain.

I will continue to come as a client and tell people of my experience. -  As has been said before: "I don't understand it all, but I am a  believer.  Susan Tveit as my practitioner is a very calming soul.  I  enjoy coming for my visits - she is a lovely lady and extremely  knowledgeable.  I am grateful! 

The time frame was three to five visits I think - for the numbness to  recede.  But after the first visit there was definite response with my  body.  I just didn't believe it - I would be happy to tell of my  experience.

Most sincere gratitude to Susan and Luann with the 'Living Well' and 'Energy Speaks' staff."

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