~~~The road to recovery begins at the Energy within~~~ 

The Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia is the original source for the teaching of Bowenwork, the original Bowen Technique. It is the pioneering work of the Academy in Australia that has seen the spread of Bowen Therapy to over 25 countries worldwide.

It’s technique is used in all aspects of personal and professional lives with profound results.

The 4 hour introductory class is available the 3rd Sunday of each month. Call to reserve your space.

Mods 1,2 (of 7) Practitioners Certification Bowenwork course will be held in Visalia, CA.                             


A 4 hour Practical application and introduction to Bownework

Put Wellness in YOUR Hands

Personally for family and friends and anyone interested in discovering more about. Bowenwork.  It is a gentle, effective, noninvasive touch therapy that stimulates the body’s ability to heal itself. It can be done though clothing.  Although for teaching/learning purposes the technique will be on the skin directly.  Wearing appropriate clothing like loose fitting shorts and shirts, and for women sports bras are ideal but not required.

In this four-hour practical class, you will learn to apply key elements of Bowenwork to different parts of the body to

  • Ease breathing difficulties
  • Relieve muscle tension, joint pain or stiffness
  • Ease heartburn, acid reflux and other gastrointestinal complaints
  • Relieve neck, back and knee pain
  • Address injuries

Bowenwork is safe and appropriate for all – from infants to the elderly, from elite athletes to people with chronic conditions.
If you would like to learn a safe way to promote wellness in yourself and others, then this Bowenwork class may be right for you.
Bowenwork – the complement to complementary therapies – places wellness in your hands!

$95.00 (includes a $25.00 manual with photos and anatomical illustrations designed with care for the needs of beginners.
CEU’s are available if needed.

Bowen Therapy Practitioners Training and Certified Course

Certification is designed for those practitioners who intend to practice Bowenwork® professionally although not required. The basic certification standard is uniform throughout most of the world with additional requirements in the USA and Australia. The Bowtech procedures are taught in seven modules, each 16 classroom hours long. The modules must be taken in sequence because each one reviews and builds on what was taught previously. These modules are  generally taught in two consecutive days each, over a period of six months or more, a maximum of two modules can be taught back-to-back.

Each Mod consists primarily of hands on training.  Learning through demonstration, practice, case studies, and practicing hours between each Mod classes. In these classes you will learn the anatomical landmarks, explanation of not only the procedure, but the indications for use.  Manuals with detailed notes, drawings, photographs and clear descriptions are included.

  • Mod 1: The Bowenwork Move, Lower Back Procedure, Upper Back Procedure, Neck Procedure, Kidney Procedure, Head Procedure, Working with a Client
  • Mod 2: Respiratory Procedure, Shoulder Procedure (with and without an Assistant) Hamstring Procedure, Cramp Procedure
  • Mod 3: Pelvic Procedure, Elbow/Wrist Procedure, Sacral Procedure, Knee Procedure
  • Mod 4: Ankle Procedure (with strapping), Upper Respiratory/TMJ Procedure Bowenwork Seated, Procedures for Babies and Children, Hammer Toe Procedure (with strapping), Bunion Procedure Tom Bowen’s Home Remedies
  • Mod 5: Coccyx Procedure, North Procedure (shoulder), East Procedure, (shoulder), South Procedure (shoulder) West Procedure, (shoulder), Gall Bladder Procedure, Chest Procedure
  • Mod 6: 5A & 7A Medially Procedure (hamstring), Bursitis Procedure, Recommendations to Assist Conception, Perineal Procedure, Bedwetting Procedure, Thoracic Procedure, Ossie’s Recommendations
  • Mod 7: A two day testing module. Attending a review class is very helpful  prior to taking Mod 7.

After completion of Mod 7 and requirements in becoming a Professional Bowenwork Practitioner, the annual fee will not only connect you with Bowenwork Academy of Australia’s internal web site and access to all information and data, you will be included in a listing on an excellent referral source.

                                                   American Bowenwork Academy is approved for continuing education credits by:
                                                       NCBTMB, Ca Board of RN, American OT Assoc, Bof Naturpathic Oregon

Don’t hesitate to call or email with any questions.