~~~The road to recovery begins at the Energy within~~~ 


I was introduced to Bowen by my niece.

My first experience with Bowenwork was great.  I haven't felt that  relaxed ever.  I walked into the office with sciatic pain in my left leg and lower back pain.  When I left, the pain was gone.

Very impressed with Bowenwork.  I have mentioned Bowenwork to a couple  of my doctors and they have had a positive reaction to what I told  them.  One doctor even took the phone number for this wife.

I haven't' finished the sessions, but am sure the result will be positive.

I have had three sessions with probable a few more to come.  I am  thinking unless my practitioner tells me otherwise, I'll probably go in  once a month for a 'tune up'.

My practitioner is great.  She explains everything to me in a satisfactory manner and she 'gets the job done'.

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