~~~The road to recovery begins at the Energy within~~~ 


Doreen presented with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, she had extreme difficulty with  mobility.  Her mornings consisted of immediate hot and cold hand soaks  just to have enough reduction in pain to function for the day.

What was your first experience with Bowenwork?
"Absolutely incredible -I was amazed (and quite surprised) with the results."

What was the end result?
"In treatment of  DeQuervain's Syndrome (carpal tunnel) it provided incredible relief.   After my first 10-minute session I was literally pain-free for about 3  months.  After a series of sessions I was abstinent from pain and  experienced greater range-of-motion for a considerably longer period of  time."

Do you have any thoughts about Bowen?
"Since relocating to another state I have searched diligently to find another therapist  trained in this technique without success.

Do to the unavailability of a practitioner trained in Bowen in the area, I've been without a session for nearly 2 1/2 years now, and the  pain/limited range-of-motion has gradually returned."

**Doreen has now been given contacs in Minnesota for her Bowenwork 'tune-ups'.

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