~~~The road to recovery begins at the Energy within~~~ 

Frequently Asked Question about Bowenwork

What is Bowenwork?
Bowenwork is a neuromuscular and connective tissue technique that affects the joints, muscles, nerves, fluids and energy of the body.  It works primarily through the nervous system on both  structural and energetic levels. Utilizing a gentle, light touch on specific muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves, it elicits a response using the autonomic nervous system.  Bowtech originated in Australia over 40 years ago and is rapidly becoming popular in America.

What does Bowenwork feel like?
Bowenwork uses specific sequence of short, gently rolling motions of the thumbs and fingers over precise points on the body.  Each series of movements is followed by ‘a quiet period’ that allows the body to integrate each stage of the work. Very often a warm sensation will be felt on the back and spinal region following a session.

How long does a Bowenwork session take?
Sessions last from 30 to 50 minutes, including the moves and the deeply relaxing ‘quiet periods’.

How many sessions are necessary and how far apart are they spaced?
Although it will depend on your body’s response to Bowenwork, results may be felt immediately.  Typically there are 5-8 sessions and spaced a week apart.  Bowenwork will continue to work even between visits.  Your body will heal itself as fast as it is capable.

Why is Bowenwork different than traditional massage or other bodywork?
Bowenwork is distinguished by its success or effectiveness, over a very short time.  It doesn’t hurt and can bring permanent relief rapidly.  The moves are done through clothing without oils or lotions.

How does Bowenwork do what it does and reduce the pain?
Stimulating your body’s innate healing capabilities and triggering your body’s response to initiate or speed up it’s self repair.  It assists your body in remembering how to restore the structural integrity, repair and relieve muscular-skeletal pain and improve nervous system function. Bowenwork ‘jump starts’ the lymphatic system, autonomic nervous system and blood flow, enhancing the recovery process and overall health..

Who benefits from Bowenwork?
Everyone, from the elderly to the new born.

For what is Bowenwork used?
Bowenwork has a strong track record in helping people seek pain relief, injury recovery, stress reduction, enhanced sports and work performance, along with health and wellness maintenance.  Bowenwork allows the body to reset itself  and begin the healing process.

Why does Bowenwork succeed where other therapies have failed?
It goes to the source of the problem, others treat symptoms. If the cause is not addressed, the symptoms return.

Why is Bowenwork more economical than other therapies?
Bowenwork stresses results, helping people achieve optimal levels of health, recovering faster, easier and in less time, which leads to saved money.

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