~~~The road to recovery begins at the Energy within~~~ 

"My Bio-feedback doctor and my heart doctor's nurse  both suggested that I try Bowen Therapy for my Fibromyalgia as they had  great success with it.

My first visit was both very interesting and relaxing.  I wasn't sure  that this procedure was going to help but was willing to try.  I had  been in a great amount of pain for over a year.  I had tried therapy,  different types of medicine and anything I could think of with no  satisfactory results.

After my first session, I came down with the flu so couldn't tell if any of the pain was actually gone or not.  After the second session, there  was tremendous success.  The pain that had been in my back for the last  year was gone.  I would wake up every morning waiting for it to return,  but fortunately it didn't.  After the third session I became a Bowen  'graduate'.  What a wonderful feeling.  I told my Bowen Practitioner at  the sign of pain anywhere in my body, I would be back immediately."

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