~~~The road to recovery begins at the Energy within~~~ 

I really enjoy visiting Susan's practice at Energy Speaks. My 17 month old daughter has been seen there three times and has enjoyed her Bowen Treatments very much. Susan has a pleasant office and welcoming spirit. She is always conscious of my daughters feelings during treatment. They play and smile, my daughter doesn't feel uncomfortable with her or being touched in the gentle ways of Bowen. I brought my daughter to Susan because we had tried other modalities (Chiropractic & Craniosacral Therapy) and had found that they didn't address her issues in her neck, jaw, or tongue. The day of my daughter's first treatment I saw a huge increase in her babbling, talking, playing with her tongue and her ability to stick her tongue out in different directions. My daughter doesn't have a lot of enthusiasm for eating solids and she has become more independent in her eating style since treatment. She also had a tendency to turn or twist during nursing sessions on one perticular side, which she doesn't do anymore. I highly recommend Bowen therapy with Susan to any of my friends or family for themselves or their nursing babies. She has a wonderful way with children and I have always felt reassured and comforted that I was in the right place for my daughter in coming to her office.

 Jennifer Pearl Evans
Tulare, Ca

A video of Jennifer’s daughter Pearl can be seen in the Bowenwork tab under ‘Baby Bowen’

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