~~~The road to recovery begins at the Energy within~~~ 

I first met Susan Tveit in October, 2014.  A very good friend of mine who previously had studied both therapeutic massage and Bowenwork was needing holistic energy work to ope with some unexpected physical challenges which had resulted in a temporary loss of rang of motion in her upper arms and shoulders.  Her previous training in Bowen had convinced her that Bowenwork is highly effective and she herself already had experienced an instantaneous healing which has lasted for years.  Fortunately, my good friend found Susan early in October of 2014, and later that same month had her first appointment.

I also have had much previous experience with holistic body work and energy work and energy work techniques encompassing a substantial range of modalities.  Nearly twenty years ago I was trained an obtained certification as a holistic massage therapist with a particular focus on acupressure and Shiatsu.  Owing to difficult circumstances in my personal life at that time, I didn't become a licensed therapist.  However, I continued to use the fundamentals of acupressure to maintain my physical health for many years thereafter.

My emotional health and well-being had been affected greatly by the fact tat each of my parents has passed beyond human existence in recent years.  My coping mechanism had been to become reclusive.  I sought to shut out the outside human world when emotions began to feel overwhelming. To my delight, I discovered that Susan is also a certified practitioner of Cranio-Sacral therapy.  Having personally experienced the healing effects of Cranio-Sacral therapy years earlier, and recognizing a deep need within to return to a more emotionally balance state, I resolved to allow Susan to begin working with me.

Susan Tveit is an exceedingly gifted therapist who is highly intuitive with respect to the energetic being of her clients.  Almost immediately, I felt at ease in her presence, and whatever reluctance I may have had at the outset to be completely open to the energy work she was doing vanished entirely by the end of the first session.  I could feel what my mind and body had been yearning to again experience holistic  energy work of this quality and, as such, it was a simple choice to become a regular client of Susan's.

As I write this in early autumn of 2015, nearly a whole year has passed since Susan began working with me.  Except for vacation periods (both mine and hers), I have had appointments with her at least every two weeks and, more frequently, once a week.  As a result of Susan's therapeutic gifts and dedicated work, I have felt and continue to feel a deepening sense of emotional peace; an increased capability to cope with my emotions when they threaten to become overwhelming; a release of physical tension in my neck, shoulders, and right arm which I unknowingly had still been holding inside as a result of tremendous physical demands place upon my body decades earlier during an emotionally turbulent term of military service; and overall a greater harmony of mind and body.  Susan's training and familiarity with a range of therapeutic techniques have allowed me to experience the healing efforts of both Cranio-Sacral therapy and Bowenwork.  Also, she is exceedingly flexible; both willing and able to adapt to a client's momentary needs.  On more than one occasion (and without advance notice prior to our session), she agreed (at my request) to do a more meditative kind of work in which she intuitively guides a chakra visualization, allowing more energy from the cosmos to flow into one's being and helping a client begin to understand how he or she can regulate more effectively his/her own energetic needs.

Communication is quite simple with Susan.  I feel completely at ease to share personal information in our sessions and I am certain that she respects and holds sacred such information.  Individually, she has a very warm, pleasant personality and a joyous and witty sense of humor.  Also, she is very responsive to telephone messages and, when given sufficient notice, will accommodate a need to re-schedule an appointment as best she can. 

Finally, Susan's hourly fee is very reasonable.  In my humble opinion,the quality of her work and her level of expertise are worth considerably more that the money she charges.  I look upon this as an expression of her compassion toward her clients.  It si yet another reason that I am  deeply thankful for my professional friendship with her and the work she does with me and for me.

Susan Tveit is an extraordinarily skilled holistic practitioner whose work truly deserves praise in my respects.  I highly recommend her to anyone seeking relief from emotional stress and either temporary or chronic symptoms of physical discomfort.  From my own experience, I can honestly affirm that I feel more relaxed, and a much deeper sense of inner peace as a result of her therapeutic work with me.  For those who yearn for a greater flow of vital energy and a more intrinsic feeling of mind/body harmony, it is likely that, in my humble opinion, a course ot therapy with Susan Tveit will prove to be physically, emotionally, and spiritually rewarding!

Sincerely and with exceeding respect,
Mark D
Madera, California
September 2015

I wish to assert that I have written this testimonial at Susan's request. As my nature, I have given to her an original letter, handwritten in ink, in order that she may, in turn, type and thereby make effective us of it electronically.

I am glad to recommend Susan’s work to others and I hope that this letter helps to convince new potential clients to begin receiving therapy form her.  However, I need for this testimonial to stand alone, to be complete in and of itself, and have thus written it accordingly.  I am an older man who highly values and goes to great lengths to preserve his personal privacy.  I freely choose to not have an electronic mail address and to not own a computer with internet access.  As a matter of principle I choose not to participate in social media.  For this reason, I have not provided my full name or additional contact information.  I humbly request that anyone who reads this recommendation doesn't try to contact me further.  Nonetheless, I sincerely affirm that everything in this letter is honest and factual, and I wish Susan success in her continuing work as a therapist.


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