~~~The road to recovery begins at the Energy within~~~ 

Thank you so much for the practical, hands-on introduction to Bowenwork class you held on Saturday, October 27, 2012. As one of five students that day, I felt like each of us had ample opportunity to learn the basic hand positions from you. I know I did. I really appreciated the small class size and the tables that you provided for us to practice on one another in pairs. I think you were very professional yet approachable, and the rapport you had with those three ‘horsey’ ladies showed me that they trust you enough in this work to allow you to ease their animals’ suffering.

Bowenwork still feels like a big secret to me. I feel like I have only touched the tip of the iceberg. But I am drawn to it. I’d love to read the story about how it came about in the first place

I have to admit that when I told one of my younger sisters about where I was going and what I was going to do on Saturday, I could almost hear her thinking, “Oh-oh, what nutty thing is Sandy getting into this  time!” So I’m sure she’ll be much appeased to see that at least the other ladies in our class photo look normal, even if I’m certifiable. Buuuuuut?

On Saturday night I asked this same sister if I could show her what I did that day. She was open to it. So I laid her crossways on my queen-sized bed so her feet would be perpendicular to the floor, and I worked on the lower back, upper back, respiratory, knee and neck positions ? 2 minutes between each session, lights off, with a light blanket over her.

She fell right to sleep on my bed, and she’s a person who needs sleeping pills to sleep. She thought it was great!  If you have another introductory class, I think she’d take it, especially since her daughter has just been diagnosed with lupus.

I want to contribute to this world in some small way. If at some point what little I have learned is helpful to someone, what a blessing! I would continue with classes if they are available.

Many, many thanks!

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